Thursday, February 9, 2012



untuk post lately akan byk pasal assignment 3D studio max
so entry kali create DOME " kubah "
1. Pick Box to create the bottom Plate
2. create a small Box at the corner of the bottom plate
3. create 3 more copies of small Box and name as Base (1-4)

4. Create cylinder in the center of the base and name as Pillar 1
5. create 3 more copies of Pillar 1 and name as Pillar (2-4)

6. create a copy of bottom plate and place it on top of the pillars.

7. create hemisphere and name as Dome.
8. Create sphere and align vertically with the flat surface of Dome.

9. pick compound object

10. Choose Dome and pick Boolean button > pick operand B and choose sphere to make a hole.
11. choose Dome and select Edit Mesh Modifier

12. adjust the dome by picking vertex button

13. Adding details to the Dome, create sphere on top of the Dome.
14. Create cone and move the Cone on top of the Sphere.

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