Tuesday, February 7, 2012

snowman 3d Studiomax


assignment pertama untuk subjek 3D Studiomax " Snowman "

1. to make head and body - use geometry > standard primitive and choose sphere, group them to avoid from separate.2. buttons and eyes for snowman also using sphere.

3. choose cone to make the nose.

4. cylinder to make the hat for snowman.

5. for hand use loft.

loft :

1. use geometry > shapes and choose line, make the shape that you like for the hand.
2. create circle.
3. use geometry > choose compound object.
4. click line > loft.

5. get shape choose circle, done for snowman hand.

6. duplicate the hand > shift and drag the hand.

last but not least render the snowman to make it more in beauty.
But, i know mine just a simple one..
hehhehe.. adiosss....

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