Sunday, March 18, 2012

pulut ayam~

arini da berakhir KURSUS KEJURULATIHAN PERINGKAT KEBANGSAAN TAHAP 1 DAN 2 yg diiktiraf ICF (International Canoe Federation)
Alhamdulillah, semua peserta lulus..

actually, its not what I'm gonna shared with u all
its about 'pulut ayam'
next week I'm gonna fly to that country!

having very big mission that i should implemented
its all about my journey in my vision
i need.should.must DO it

be tough!
be strong!
its all about my life!

I'm gonna be like this pitcha
hahaha! joking~

done discussing with my parents
they approved it!
so next week I'm gonna start my big journey~

wish me goodluck for my mission okeh!
love all~

p/s : pulut ayam im coming~ yay!

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