Sunday, October 9, 2011


Can't Let Go Of You

words are not coming out being choked up

staring at the sky for a long while crying

trying to forget, please forget


i am telling myself to stop

feeling hurt

feeling frustrated

i tell my self there is no more love for me

it's time to forget, please forget

i make a promise to myself but you remain in my heart

nothing will happen even when you forget me

it will be okay in a few days

crying and laughing for a while, then falls asleep

i turn on the phone , then turn it off again

like a fool, just a fool

it's been a couple of days like this

i think i will go crazy from missing you

i just want to forget

i think i will go crazy

just too difficult, so very difficult

tears filling my eyes, obstructing the view

your figure is in a blur now

i haven't sleep quite some time now

trying not to think of you but you are back in my thoughts

it will be alright

just more few days, then i will forget

like my ice, my heart will melt

i even try to forget

why do i think it will be hard to stop

like a fool, just like a fool i try to forget

i believe you will come back to me

p/s : sedeyh gila bila lagu ni kua~

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